Since April 2012 ISSC has organized a series of open lectures:

  1. prof. William B. Worthen, Barnard College, Columbia University, New York, USA, twenty-first Rector’s Lecture “Mediatizing Hamlet” (March 10, 2016);
  2. prof. Ton Hoenselaars, University of Utrecht, Holland, “Shakespeare: How and Why”; “Shakespeare behind Barbed Wire”, “Hamlet, Europe, and the Great War”, “Shakespeare in France”, “Hitler and Shakespeare” (May 2014);
  3. prof. David Fuller, Durham University, Great Britain, “Reading Aloud: Performance as Interpretation”, “King Lear”, “Hamlet”: Sex, Lies, Power Struggles and Performance”, “Myriad-minded”: Shakespeare as an International Figure”, “Othello and Christianity? (April 2014);
  4. prof. Jose Manuel Gonzalez Fernandez de Sevilla, University of Alicante, Spain, ”Shakespeare as Cultural Catalyst”, ”Cervantes´ and Shakespeare´s Closest Encounters in Cardenio“, ”Shakespeare´s Other Literary Lives: The Bard Living Presence in Literary Studies”, ”Recent Theatre Productions of Shakespeare in Spain” (November 2013);
  5. prof. Tina Krontiris, University of Thessaloniki, Greece, “The Merchant of Venice and the Greek Holocaust”, Shakespeare and Aristotle”, “Gender, Adolescence, and Renaissance Culture” (November 2013);
  6. prof. John Drakakis, University of Stirling, UK, „English Renaissance Drama and the Aesthetics of Violence”, „Shakespeare as Presentist”, „Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice’”, „An introductory two-lecture Hamlet” (October 2013);
  7. prof. Marvin Carlson, University of New York, USA, “What is (a) Theatre?” (October 2013);
  8. dr Magdalena Cieślak, University of Łódź, Poland, “Kitchy or Visionary? Flamboyance of Kenneth Branagh’s Cinematic Shakespeare” (March 2013);
  9. theatre director Grzegorz Wiśniewski, Wybrzeże Theatre, Poland, „My Shakespeare” (January 2013);
  10. dr Agnieszka Rasmus, University of Łódź, Poland, „Shakespeare, Film and Popculture” (December 2012);
  11. dr Agnieszka Szwach, Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce, Poland, “Renesans, medycyna i Szekspir” (May 2012);
  12. prof. Mario Domenichelli, University of Florence, Italy, “Shakespeare’s Italy” (October 2012);
  13. prof. Grace Ioppolo, University of Reading, UK, “Late Shakespeare: Writing and Rewriting Shakespeare” (April 2012);