Two projects of the Committee for Scientific Research:

  1. “Ira Aldridge”: Ira Aldridge in Polish Culture”,no. 1HO1C 051 17 (1999-2001)
  2. “Polish Shakespeare Bibliography 1980-2000″,no. 2H01C 013 22 (2002-2004)

One project funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education

  1. “Representations of Sensory Perception in William Shakespeare’sHamletand Selected Film Adaptations”, no. N N103 181837 (2010-2011).


Two projects of the National Science Centre:

  1. “Polish Shakespeare Bibliography 2001-2010″,no. N N103 447340, (2011-2013)
  2. “Thinking Shakespeare in Polish: Shakespeare in Polish Culture”, no. N N103 448440, (2011-2014).



  1. Shakespeare in the Making of Europe (SIME 2014-16)

SIME 2014-16 is a new international network supported by the Dutch Government funding agency NWO. It brings together researchers from six European institutes in four countries: a Dutch collaboration between Utrecht, Amsterdam and Nijmegen in partnership with the Universities of York (UK), LMU Munich and Würzburg (Germany) and Łódź (Poland). Its Principal Investigator is Prof. Ton Hoenselaars (Utrecht) with Dr Helmer Helmers (Amsterdam) and foreign partners Prof Isabel Karremann (Würzburg), Prof. Krystyna Kujawińska Courtney (Łódź) and Dr Erica Sheen (York).

At a time when the economic and political future of Europe is heavily debated, the programme of this network is both timely and urgent. SIME sets out to define new research questions about Shakespeare’s role in a changing Europe, and about the structures of research that will be required to enable those questions to provide answers. In order to foster the development of a fully transnational and interdisciplinary perspective, the network will seek ways to complement traditional of bilateral (Anglo-foreign) modes of cooperation and research with multilateral alternatives. By means of three workshops, an exchange programme, and online cooperation in a Virtual Knowledge Centre, SIME 14-16 will produce a manifesto for the European study of Shakespeare in the 21st century.

  1. “No Other but a Woman’s Reason’: Women on Shakespeare”– a project under the supervision of prof. Krystyna Kujawińska Courtney. Its aim was to prepare a collective publication on women’s role in Shakespeare’s works. Selected figures of women, actresses, directors, translators and researchers, who have contributed to the development of Shakespeare studies were chosen and thoroughly analysed. This project was realised in cooperation with the United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, Russia, Canada, Japan, Australia, India, Southern Africa, Cuba and the United States. The results were publisked in a book “No other but a woman’s reason.” Women on Shakespeare. Towards Commemorating the 450th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s Birth” (Peter Lang, 2103), eds. Krystyna Kujawinska Courtney; Katarzyna Kwapisz Williams; Izabella Penier.


“European Reception of Shakespeare’s Drama”– a project realized  in cooperation with partner organizations, joined in the HERA project. Poland is represented by one Shakespearean scholar – prof. Krystyna Kujawińska Courtney. A series of seminars and a publication are planned.