Who we are

The Centre’s activities focus on researching Shakespeare’s output as a product of global culture and, at the same time, a factor that strongly influences local European context, Polish in particular. The phenomenon of Shakespeare’s presence in cultural tradition of different nations and ethnic groups is to be used in research for the analysis and interpretation of both sociological and political continuations and changes in world civilization throughout the ages.

The Centre’s academic and research activities include:

  • data collecting and dissemination in local and foreign research centres, libraries, and theatrical institutes.
  • organizing national and international conferences, symposia and sessions.
  • publishing bibliographies, monographs, collective works and articles concerning Shakespeare’s presence in Polish and international culture.
  • archiving, compiling and analyzing materials devoted to the reception of Shakespeare’s works in Poland
  • conducting thematic workshops for university and secondary school students, and organizing meetings (lectures, film screenings, multimedia presentations and discussions) with Shakespeareans, both academics and culture practitioners,
  • what is more, a unique library is going to be established collecting various editions of Shakespeare’s works, critical works and books on the reception of Shakespeare in Poland and other countries.